Sunday, March 27, 2016

Oh Pa, I think it would work better if Ben sat on your lap!!!
These guys sure do love each other

Just a little bit of the fun we had on Easter at Auntie Joanne's house.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fall pictures of my monkeys!

Thank you Karen Mitchell for taking some amazing pictures of my four monkeys and their furry best friend!  I just love how they came out! 

Sunday, May 3, 2015


Maggie is....
9 years old
In the 3rd grade
Learning to sew 
In love with her beloved Brady
Finished an almost undefeated season of basketball 
Starting another season of softball
Maggie is....
Sweet and kind
Happy and loving
Along with a little bit of sassy 
A girl who loves with her whole heart
Maggie is.....
A one of a kind kid who makes me smile and laugh every. Single. Day. 
That's my Maggie

My little Punky Brewster

Oh how I love my little Punky Brewster!  
Her spirit is so full of color so we didn't mind her matching her hair to her spirit!
Love it!!!

Farm day

Trust or Bravery???  These two have an amazing bond!
Ben holding a baby lamb!
Um, this goat is eating Connor's hair!
Sisters taking care of babies at the farm!
Katelyn was in love with this two day old baby goat!  She held her for hours while she napped, then had some play time before a bottle. It was so sweet!
Kyle had a great day at the farm and really loved the animals. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Scope day for my superhero

This little man is my superhero!  This was Ben's 4th scope in a year. The 4th time going under anesthesia so the GI could have a look at his esophagus and take biopsies to see if there are still eosiniphils attacking his esophagus. 
Ben did amazing, as always!  Thankfully he actually enjoys scope days. The nurses and doctors dote over him and make him feel like a king!  For this I am so grateful!
Ben's esophagus looks good, yay!  The biopsies show there are still eosiniphils which is a bummer but there are a lot less. Overall it is good news and we will take it. 
I can't believe it has been over a year since his diagnosis. It's been over a year since he started an incredibly hard elimination diet that he handles so well!
Yeah, Ben is my little superhero!


How is it possible that my first born baby is already 13 years old?
How do I have a teenager?
Katelyn is an amazing kid!  She is thoughtful and kind to all that know her. She would give you the world if she thought you needed it! I am so thankful this girl is my girl!  I just love her to pieces!
Happy Birthday Katelyn!